Meet Aylin and Isabella

12 January 2017

This year for our 5th annual 5K and Birthday Bash, we are honoring local sisters who both have a CHD called Tetrology of Fallot. Please join us this year in celebrating Hayden's 5th birthday and these two sweet heart warriors!

Details and registration for the 5K can be found on our website.

Meet Aylin and Isabella

'These are my 2 precious little girls, it has been a very long and rough road but I am so grateful to God to have them with me.
At my 4 months of pregnancy, is when I discovered their problem and many questions ran through my mind. It was a difficult decision but I listened with my heart and knew I was not wrong.
Just like that I continued the difficult journey with my little girls. I hung on with hope and faith without listening to what people had to say because at the end I knew that these moments of so much suffering, pain and events of those days in the hospital would only be memories.
Aylin Conil is 4 years old with Tetrology of Fallot, enlarged pulmonary valve, tracheostomy with life support and G-tube for nutrition. She has had 2 corrective heart operations. She is a super happy, loving and friendly little girl.
Isabella Conil is 7 months old. She was also born with Tetrology of Fallot. She had corrective heart surgery at 4 months of age. Isabella is healthy, happy and always smiling.'
~ Yenni, Aylin + Isabella's mother

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