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31 October 2016

Disney On Ice

Save the Date

Our 5th Annual 5K Birthday Bash for Hayden is set for SATURDAY MARCH 18th! For Hayden’s 5th birthday, we will celebrate in SUPERHERO STYLE! Come dressed as your favorite super hero and join us in celebrating Hayden’s 5th birthday! More information coming soon on our website.

Hayden’s House of Healing

Last month we announced a new initiative through Hayden’s Heart- Project ‘Hayden’s House of Healing’. We are in the beginning stages of this project and are looking for grant writers to join our team. Please email if you or someone you know may be interested in helping us! For more information on this project, please visit the CONTRIBUTE page of our website (

Holiday Cheer Care Pacakges

Our ‘Holiday Cheer’ care package collection is underway! These care packages encompass the whole family- items for a baby, toddler, and parents. Please visit our Amazon Wish-list below if you would like to help us in filling these care packages for heart families spending time in the pediatric cardiac hospitals over the holidays. We will be sending these out to four hospitals mid December! Thank you, as always, for your support!!!

Heart of Gold Gala

05 October 2016

Parents - Siblings - Childhood friends - New friends - Heart moms - Doctors - Nurses - Teachers - Neighbors - Long time supporters - New supporters. Three hundred people. Over 500 items donated. Over 50 sponsors. Love - Dedication - Time - Passion. SUCCESS. 

The first Inaugural ‘Heart of Gold’ Gala held on September 30th was extraordinary- and not just for me, but for all who were there to witness the magic. The room was filled with so many beautiful people- and so much love for Hayden and for his legacy. 

It was a night to remember- a night I will never forget. As it got closer to the start of the event, I felt a sense of calming come over me- I knew before it even started it would be a success. Over a year in planning and a month of crunch time- it had all paid off as I looked around the room and saw the beauty of my surroundings. Our committee put so much time and love into every part of the evening and it showed. 

Our guests arrived looking just as stunning as the room was. The 150 ‘Golden Chance’ boxes, 97 Silent Auction items and the nine Live Auction items along with four hours of open bar and never ending delicious food kept them busy, feeling full, and excited to walk away with a prize all in support of Hayden’s Heart. 

When planning started for this event, we wanted to be sure to honor the entire cardiac community. We wanted a portion of the proceeds to benefit a heart family like all of our events do, but we also wanted to honor a doctor who showed excellence and dedication in the pediatric cardiology field. When I asked our heart community a year ago to submit nominations for this award, Dr. Ravishankar came in with several families choosing her as the best fit to receive the honor. The choice was clear. My fellow heart mom and dear friend Jackie Ross helped to present this award and the raw emotion and truth in her speech was just astounding. It was such a treat to have our honoree and her guests with us as part of this inaugural event. 

Rob and I prepared two videos for the evening. The first was to give a short glimpse into what Hayden’s Heart is all about- how and why it was formed, who we support and how we make it all happen. The second was an introduction to a new initiative Hayden’s Heart is backing- a vision and a dream- a passion for me personally- Project ‘Hayden’s House of Healing’- a retreat home of our own to serve and support our bereaved mothers and families. 

The emotions that circled these two videos are where I loose my wording. I don’t know if I will ever be able to properly convey what I felt when I looked around the room after the first and then more so the second video ended. Tears- smiles- cheers- support- all around us. Breathtaking. Overwhelming. Humbling. One of the top moments of my entire life. All for Hayden- all because of the legacy he left behind and holds my hand through each and every day. 

This event, like so many other parts of Hayden’s Heart was more perfect and more successful than we imagined. It brought together so many generous and beautiful people and I am honored to have spent the evening with them. Thank you all for having a part in this magical evening- one I will revel in for years to come.

3.12.12 - 8.16.12

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