tbt- 3.10.12

20 February 2014

Throw back blog from March 10, 2012- just two days before Hayden was born. The picture above is from our trip with friends to the Camden Aquarium! 
Yesterday we had our 38-week check up at CHOP. First up was our ultrasound to get a growth scan on Hayden and to check my fluid. Hayden is measuring 7lbs 5 oz-perfect! Unfortunately they noticed the amniotic fluid was not as perfect and had actually gone down quite a bit. I never asked what ‘normal’ levels were but about a week and a half ago my levels were at a 17 and yesterday they had dropped to 8.5. At a level 5, they immediately induce so with that being said, they needed to schedule an induction for us for the beginning of the week in the event that Hayden doesn’t come naturally. We are scheduled for Tuesday March 13th at 8am!
Afterwards, we immediately had our echocardiogram and then the follow-up with the pediatric cardiologist, coordinator, social worker, etc.  The report from the doctor was about the same- we would need to have him assessed after birth for a couple days to determine the surgical outcome. The cardiologist did mention a slight decrease in the size of his left ventricle but we are hoping this is just because of the increased difficulty with getting an accurate read this late in gestation.
So, Hayden is definitely on his way!! Please keep praying for Hayden’s heart to grow and we will keep updates on here as often as we can!

In preparation for Hayden's birth, Rob and I respectfully ask that no visitors come to the hospital until Hayden is 72 hours cleared from his surgery. This surgery is extremely intense and the recovery is equally as severe. Any outside infections can be life threatening to his recovery, especially in those first 72 hours post operation. As soon as Hayden is in the clear, we welcome friends and family to come meet him! In the meantime, I promise to keep updating his blog so you can follow his journey along with us. Thank you for all your love and support!!

tbt- 3.8.12- 'thankful'

13 February 2014

Another entry for our throw back thursday blogs- this one is from March 8, 2012- the picture above is of Jackson and our buds Gavin + Owen at the Philadelphia Zoo- making the most of our time here before Hayden arrived!
'We have been in Collingswood NJ for just about two weeks now and Jackson is finally settling into naps again so I am able to update! 
The transition here has been harder on Jackson and I than I thought- being 9 months pregnant, out of our element and solely caring for my active three year old has been no easy task. There are a few things that get us by each day- first and foremost is knowing that this sacrifice we are making is worth every second for our Hayden to be born and cared for in the best place possible.  Someday Hayden will know what his older brother gave up for him. The second is the support we are receiving here.  Almost every day an incredible friend of ours has made a long drive to spend their day with us.  I’m not sure who benefits more from this- Jackson or myself. Every day I thank my friend and their child/children for coming all this way to spend time with us and play with us- and every time they tell me its no big deal- to that I 100% disagree. It couldn’t be more of a help to have support here for me, and playmates and friends for Jackson. It’s our piece of home that we truly need and appreciate. And finally, as each day passes, we know it is closer to Rob coming back. Jackson needs his daddy, and I need my companion.
With less than two weeks until Hayden’s anticipated arrival, it has all become so real.  There are parts of me that cant believe how fast the past 4 months have gone, and other times it feels like an eternity.  The constant between the two is how we got to this point- I am forever grateful for the people in our lives who have held our hands thus far in Hayden’s journey. It has taken a lot to get us to this point and I am positive we are only successfully here because of the support we have been given. We aren’t big into asking people for help. Its unbelievable the amount of people in our lives who don’t even ask what they can do, they just do…I have said this before but I feel the need to say it again…everyone is always telling me how strong I am. I am only capable of being this strong because I have the most incredible support system of anyone I know….'

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