3rd Annual NJ Blood Drive!!

20 June 2015

We are so excited for our THIRD ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE!!

The past two years we have blown the American Red Cross away with our pints donated! Both years the online appointments have been filled and people have been waiting at the door to donate in honor of Hayden! And both years we have been so thankful and blessed to have your support with this incredibly touching event.
I love this event for so many reasons- mostly because it is an event where our supporters truly GIVE of themselves so selflessly. There is really nothing given to them in return- no medal, no prizes, no big dinner- it truly shows us just how much of an impact Hayden had on peoples lives. Giving blood isn't fun- at all- and it isn't easy for some- yet, two years in a row Hayden's supporters have come out and proven just how much his life meant by laying on a table for 5-10 minutes and giving some of their blood in hopes that someday their blood will help save a life too.
We host this event to give back to the blood bank in honor and memory of Hayden- in his short sweet life here he received three life-saving blood transfusions during random hospital stays, and the last three days of his life he was placed on ECMO- a machine that circulates donor blood in and out of the body. I asked our ECMO nurse the morning he died if this were transfusions, about how many would it have been and she said around 20. Floored by this number and brought to tears knowing that if it weren't for others, Hayden would have died two days ago- and even though we already knew that Hayden would have to lave us and go to heaven later that day, I also knew at that moment that at some point we would need to do something to help replenish this blood bank and give back in honor and memory of Hayden and all of our cardiac friends.
SO, PLEASE join us Wednesday August 5th at the Elks Lodge in North Arlington NJ for our third annual blood drive in honor of Hayden. Help us save some lives and give back in honor of our sweet boy who died way too soon.

To make an appointment, please visit and enter sponsor code: Haydens Heart

3.12.12 - 8.16.12

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