Samantha Denti- our November heart warrior

18 October 2013

Samantha's Story~

Samantha is a 28 year old diagnosed with Dilated Genetic Cardiomyopathy at the age of 24. Although looking back now we can say she had her disease issues in her high school years. When she was diagnosed in June 2009 it was confirmed she did in fact carry the gene that took her fathers life at the early age of 39. Samantha’s world turned upside down, many tests, and numerous cardiologists later, it showed her injection fraction was a 15, which is dangerously low. A healthy heart should be between 50 and 70. In December of 2009 she received a pacemaker and defibulator.

Samantha tried to carry on to live a ‘normal’ life but her health was a constant issue. She suffered many side effects from medicines and was continuously diagnosed with ‘other’ medical issues or ‘unknowns’.  Hindsight is a beautiful thing because looking back now we clearly see all the while it was her heart. Since February of 2013 she declined rapidly. Was constantly in and out of different hospitals. Finally and miraculously landing her in Newark Beth Israel permanently since August 2013.

Samantha had numerous procedures during her time here and also withstood 4 major surgeries in a 3 day period. She intrigued her amazing group of doctors and certainly put her doctors education and strength to the test. As bad as it got, Samantha and her doctors continued to try. Her family, friends, wonderful doctors, and power of prayer gave Sami the will to live.

She received a beautiful heart on September 28th, 2013. We thank God everyday for the miracle we witnessed. We thank God for the donor and pray for their family. We hope they feel our love and appreciation for the life they gave to Samantha.

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