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09 May 2016

Hayden's Heart will be honoring Hope Goulet and family at our 4th Annual Pennsylvania Golf Tournament on Friday July 22nd at the Wynding Brook Golf Course (see full flier below). More Information on how you can attend or sponsor this tournament is located on our website under the events page. (

Meet Hope!! (story provided by Hope's family) 

Hope Layah Goulet was born on May 1st, 2015. She was born at 7 pounds and 4.2 ounces of perfection. We found out during our third anatomy scan, during pregnancy, that Hope would be born with a rare heart condition. They diagnosed her with Truncus Arterioses. This meant that her aortic artery and pulmonary artery had grown together to make up one artery. Doctors told us that she would be born in critical condition and in need of open heart surgery. That day, we named our precious baby Hope.

Her father said that we should not be scared, that fear was the opposite of Hope.

When we went into labor, I had to be flown in a jet to Seattle, Washington to the University of Washington, where we gave birth. At that point, Hope had to be transported to Seattle Children’s Hospital by ambulance, a special ambulance, retrofitted for babies and young children.

She had open heart surgery at four days old. They put in a replacement artery in order to give her a pulmonary artery. She fought hard and was and is a very strong beautiful little girl. They had to leave her chest open after surgery, it was closed four days after the surgery. Hope was released from the hospital to come home at 19 days old.

She has grown into an inspiration, both vibrant and strong and a fun little baby girl to have the pleasure of being around. At this time Hope has a valve from one of the arteries that is no longer working. This causes blood flow being pumped out of the heart, to flow back into the heart. Her heart could become enlarged and she could go into heart failure, the valve needs to be replaced. Doctors are really hoping that she will grow enough to be able to do the valve replacement and replace the fake artery at the same time, so as not to have to do an extra open heart surgery. Right now, Hope is nine months old, weighing 16 pounds.

Hope has learned to crawl and is learning to walk and says a few small words. She has a personality that really stands out and grabs ahold of every ones heart. From the outside looking in, you would never know this wonderful baby had so many medical issues going on. Because the artificial artery they used will not grow with her as she grows, Hope will continue to need this artery replaced through open heart surgery.

Doctors estimate that Hope will need about four more heart surgeries until she is a teenager. She has stayed strong, and by all accounts, appears as any other baby would. She has the cutest laugh, a beautiful smile and loves snuggles. Her favorite movie is Mickey Mouse. She gets so excited when he comes on, she kicks her legs, gets wide eyed and smiles and makes these fun joyful screams. She loves her new found voice!

Hope’s heart condition and medical needs have definitely been trying and stressful, but more than anything, she has brought both of her parents’ families together in an unbreakable bond. She has taught us to rely on faith, to believe in miracles, to love each other and treasure one another. She has brought so much joy into our lives. We pray to God that He keeps our baby girl healthy and strong, and happy as can be.

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