14 November 2016


Just a few weeks ago at our ‘Heart of Gold’ Gala, I shared a video launching a new initiative to continue our mission in supporting families affected by CHD. This project is a passion and dream of mine and I want more than anything to make it come true.

‘Hayden’s House of Healing’ is in the beginning stages and my hope with this project is to someday build our own retreat house on the east coast. The mission behind this project is to provide a safe, tranquil space for bereaved mothers, couples and families to heal and connect together through a variety of methods and activities offered to assist in the healing process.

This dream came about a few months ago during the planning stages of our second ‘Healing of the Heart’ retreat for mamas of heart angels. While prepping for that weekend I found myself feeling so full of purpose and so excited to host these mothers for a weekend that would hopefully be as impactful and as life-changing as the first one we hosted just over a year ago.

The passion and drive I have for this event is hard to put into words. We provide these mothers with an experience that money just cannot buy. The connections and bonds that form over the 3 days together is simply astounding. We give these mothers back a piece of themselves; a piece of their child and a sense of belonging that is so desperately needed as a bereaved mother.

My dream with having our own space is to host this retreat but also host retreats for bereaved couples, families, dads and siblings. Seeing and experiencing first hand what this weekend can do for the healing process makes me know this house is Hayden’s next big project for me. I know that this may take several years but I do truly believe that with your help and my passion, it WILL happen.

How can you help make this dream come true??

1. GET HHOH ON ELLEN!!!! What better way to spread awareness for this project than to be on the Ellen Show?!?! We would LOVE to have you tell Ellen about our dream- here is a link to the place you can share our project!

Please tell her why you want to help make our dream come true and post this YouTube link of the video we created to release the project.

Please use the hashtag #haydenshouseofhealingneedsellen 


2. SHARE this video- this blog- this DREAM with anyone who may want to help us in our mission!!

3. CONTRIBUTE on our website!

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