tbt- March 13, 2012- hayden's here!

06 March 2014

TBT blog from March 13, 2012- the day after our warrior arrived!!
Hayden Jeter Dorsett blessed this world with his highly anticipated arrival yesterday, Monday March 12th at 5:32pm!
We were preparing for an induction for today, Tuesday, but I received a phone call from an OB at CHOP asking if I wished to move my induction up a day due to more staffing and an overall slower day for deliveries. I had been up the previous 3 nights for over 3 hours each night worrying and researching about the low fluid level and so when they offered a day earlier, I jumped on it!
We got to CHOP at 10:30am, started induction at 12:00 and Hayden was born at 5:32. I will spare you all the details in between! Throughout my labor I made it very clear to anyone who entered that I wanted to be able to hold him after he was born if at all possible. And thankfully, they followed through on that request. It was unfortunately the fastest minute of my life, but I cherished every single second of that minute and I deeply thank my husband for allowing me to be selfish.  Rob then cut the cord, to which he later confessed he wasn’t sure if he wanted to, since knowing all problems with Hayden start as soon as he is no longer attached to me.
But he did cut it and I’m glad he did- not every father gets that chance.
Hayden was then taken to the room next to us through a window Rob and I call the drive through window and there they started his prostaglandin (the medicine keeping him alive) and did other check-ups on him.
We got to watch a lot of this through the window and our parents and sisters, as well as Jackson also came to see him. Jackson was pretty much unfazed by it all but did ask a few times “That’s my brother?” apparently on the walk back to the waiting area, he told pappy “He’s really cute”.
Rob and I spent much of the late evening with Hayden and again, Rob allowed me to be selfish and hold him the entire time. We were told this may or may not be a possibility- that it often depended on the nurse and how they felt about moving him around with his wires. So far, we have been extremely lucky with both nurses- everyone has been allowed to hold him and today I had another miracle of being able to nurse him! Overall, we have had some major miracles and moments we weren’t sure would be possible and we feel so blessed.
As far as Hayden’s diagnosis and what’s next- we have yet to get word on whether he will need the 3-stage reconstruction on his heart and are waiting for that possibly later today, if not in the next two days. However, we were given some insight into his echocardiogram and as of right now, the doctor seems to be leaning towards a 3-stage reconstruction and not just a repair of the aortic arch. This news has been more than heartbreaking for Rob and I and we are both still trying to cope with it. Even though it is not set in stone and there is still hope, we are both struggling today with finding that hope.
For the past two months I have been telling everyone, telling myself that I am preparing for the worst and that he would need the 3-stage reconstruction. But after hearing some thoughts from today, it is clear to me I was just fooling myself into that belief.   Especially after seeing him, hearing him, holding him- you would never know he has a heart problem. It is a hard reality to grasp right now.
As I head back to the CICU to spend some time with our heart warrior, I beg you to pray that the insights from today change and that Hayden does not become classified as an HLHS (Hypoplastic left heart syndrome) baby but rather as a CHD (congenital heart defect) baby. Both are devastating but one road is shorter, more manageable and more promising than the other.  
As always I thank you for your love, prayers, support, phone calls, messages, donations, strength, good vibes, etc- we continue to feel that love and even though we can’t always be strong, we are grateful to pull strength from all of you….

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