Hayden's 3rd Angelversary Smile Sacs

03 July 2015

Hayden passed away almost three years ago and every single day since has proven its own challenges in one way or another. It very often feels like a continuous nightmare that is just that- never ending. On the whole, most days are more happy than sad- but some days are just completely brutal and trying to survive the pain it almost impossible. One of those dates for me is August 16th- the day his life ended and part of me went right with him.
This day gives little reason to smile- but one thing that does bring a little brightness is knowing that cardiac kids are smiling on this very day in Philadelphia and also in New York City - because of Hayden and all of you.
Our Smile Sacs are filled with activities and fun for toddlers and young kids that are spending a nice summer day, week, month or even longer stuck indoors. Our hope is to fill 50 sacs this year- 25 for each pediatric cardiac unit for both hospitals. We would love your help in filling our sacs!
Please check out our amazon wish list or feel free to mail us anything similar to add to these- the wish list is just ideas of what can go in these packages.
Thank you again for your help in keeping Hayden's memory alive. We are beyond grateful and know this would not be possible without your continuous love and support!!!

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