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12 July 2015

A few weeks ago I came across a fellow angel mom's instagram account and became captivated by her posts about the 'Healing Retreat' she was planning for grieving mothers. I immediately googled it and when I found out the details, I was bummed to know it took place in mid June- I had just missed it. And to boot, it was in Canada- which may have been pushing it a bit with travel expenses. So I tried to forget about it because it wasn't likely I would ever be able to attend one that far away- even if it was an annual event. But I just couldn't get it out of my mind. How amazing would something like this be. So many times I feel so alone in my grief and the thought of being surrounded by moms just like me was just giving me a feeling of belonging that I can't even explain. I started searching for other retreats similar to that on the east coast and came up short. There were some in the US- but for whatever reason, none of them seemed to hit me like that first one did. But still, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I could use a retreat where everyone around me understood exactly how it felt to loose a child- and who knows, maybe we could even help each other heal a little by just being together supporting and relating to one another.

The next morning I woke up and just knew this was my next adventure. I knew Hayden had planted that seed and that this was going to be my next step in honoring him and helping other heart families. I quickly got to work and contacted a few other angel moms who I felt close with and who immediately came to mind when I first started looking into the possibility of planning this incredible event. After a few days of going back and forth on messenger and a lot of researching of places to host this retreat, 'Healing of the Heart' Retreat for Mamas of Angels was quickly born. A date was set for early October and wheels just literally feeling like burning rubber inside my head- idea after idea just kept coming. In my true fashion, I took this lead from Hayden and ran with it like I do anything else he leads me to.

SO just over a week ago our foundation put a deposit down on a Retreat center in Pennsylvania with the hopes that this is in fact the next adventure Hayden is leading me to do to continue to help heart families in his name and honor. It is for sure a huge leap of faith, but I truly believe this is the next path I am supposed to take. It is my hope that in less than three months I will be surrounded by 24 of the strongest mothers I will ever meet. I know we will connect on levels and in ways we connect with no one else on the planet. We will spend the weekend honoring and remembering our warriors and we will focus on ourselves- on our healing and on our broken hearts and hopefully we will all leave with a little less of a broken heart as we had when we walked in.

The retreat will be full of healing and pampering for our honored guests. We will start the weekend with a welcome bag full of ways to show these mama's some extra love and support and items to help them relax and heal. Items like pocket journals, heart jewelry, calming mist spray, and so much more. We will have several group discussions that will most likely be the core of our weekend- with other healing activities surrounding them. A candle lighting service will start each day, and we are looking into incorporating yoga, art therapy, special crafts, possibly reiki, a medium and a masseuse. We hope to conclude the retreat with a butterfly release.

If you would like to register for our 'Healing of the Heart' retreat, please fill out the registration form. Mailing instructions are listed on the form. Please email me if you have any questions! If you are traveling far and need to fly, please note that on your registration form. Payments can also be made to our PayPal using our email:
**Payment plans available upon request**

If you are a Hayden's Heart supporter, or simply want to GIVE to this event in some way, we would love your support. There are several ways you can help with this retreat- you can donate an item for our welcome bags, sponsor an item already chosen for the welcome bags, provide a full or partial scholarship for a grieving mama to attend, or help pay for one of the services or activities we are hosting for the weekend. If interested, please either email me ( for specific details about which portion you are interested in learning more about, or make a general donation through PayPal to please put RETREAT in the comments section. There is also a link to donate on the main page of our website on the sidebar and on the events page. 

Thank you in advance for helping us host this very special and much needed event. I feel so strongly and passionately about this retreat and am so thankful for your support in helping make this a weekend full of hope and healing.

Please visit our 'home' for our Retreat weekend!!
The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center

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