another successful blood drive!!

07 August 2015

What a moving event!!
Our blood drives continue to be hugely successful year after year. I am so amazed at how every year the Red Cross bumps up our goal, and every year we surpass it!!
This year our goal was 43 pints- and because of all of you, we hit 48!!!!
This event is always so emotional for me and I know I say that every year but this year was even more. So many more people whom I've never seen before at our events were there- and we had 17 people who were first time donors! Just incredible!!
I caught myself fighting back tears several times while watching everyone donate- so many familiar faces there- our neighbors support us in everything we do- and I heard Rob joke a few times how more than half of our block was there at one point or another throughout the night. Acquaintances and friends from Jackson's school, former students and coworkers, friends from all over town, a couple family members, Jackson's kindergarten teacher, and even a fellow CHD family heart emoticon.
We are once again so incredibly grateful to all of you for taking the time to come donate blood in honor and memory of Hayden and of all the times he received blood transfusions and was on ECMO. Thank you once again for making this part of our mission with Hayden's Heart successful- couldn't do any of this without you!!
heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
We had a small door prize raffle and the winners are:
- Carol Rouski
- Janet Corso
- Karen Zambrano
- Tamara Beresky
- Casey Zdarek
Please email me to claim your prize!!

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