2nd Annual Blood Drive!

23 June 2014

Thrilled to be gearing up to host our second Hayden's Heart Blood Drive!

I have to say of all of our events we host, this is one of my favorites. Its the one event we host that people come to give us something and get nothing in return. They don't get to participate in a 5k and then enjoy tons of food and family fun afterwards, they don't get to golf 18 holes with their buddies and have a few beers, their car doesn't get cleaned, and they don't get to bid on and win items at our holiday silent auctions. The people who attend and participate in this 'event' are the most selfless people I know. They come to lie on a table and donate their blood- they come to save lives and they come to support Hayden's Heart. It is the most incredible sight- and I cannot wait to see the place filled up again and people lined up waiting to show their support and to help save lives. Last year our goal was 20 successful donors- and we blew the Red Cross Team away with 38!! This year our goal with the Red Cross is 38- and my personal goal is 50! Last year I couldn't donate because I was pregnant- but this year I will be working on my iron levels and am looking forward to being one of those 50!

Why do we do this you ask??
As many of you know Hayden had three blood transfusions in his short sweet life and the last three days of his life he was placed on ECMO- which is a machine that circulates donor blood in and out of the body. I asked our ECMO nurse the morning he died if this were transfusions, about how many would he be up to at that point and she said around 20. We already knew at that time that Hayden would die later that day- and at that moment I knew we needed to do something to help replenish this blood bank and give back in honor and memory of Hayden and all of our cardiac friends.
So please, join us on Wednesday AUGUST 6th at the Elks Lodge in North Arlington NJ for our second annual blood drive in honor of Hayden. Help us save a few lives and give back to honor a sweet boy who died way too soon.

To make an appointment, visit and enter sponsor code: Haydens Heart

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