tbt- 'chop update January 18, 2012'

02 January 2014

This is the third 'throw back thursday' blog entry- another update from an appointment at CHOP- the photo above is from some of the hearts that were made by people all over the country praying for our family. It was so incredibly uplifting to come home to a mailbox with hearts each day- at one point, every room on our first floor had hearts, all the way up our stairs and to the second floor! It was breathtaking!! 

"Sorry for the delay with our CHOP update...the last 24 hours have been exhausting and I was definitely fighting a battle with 'Debbie Downer'...I kept attempting to post an update but found myself being less hopeful and knew I wanted to be in a different state when sharing more of our story! Anyways, I apologize for not updating sooner...yesterday was basically more of the same. Hayden's heart is still not growing but they are still not completely ruling out that it can grow. It sounds more likely that we will not know until he is born and his surgery will most likely happen later than we were originally expecting. From what we have read from other families, it seemed typical to have the first open heart at day 1-2 of life, or as soon as the baby is stable. With Hayden, they will most likely need to observe him for a few days to see what his heart does outside of the womb. Even though this obviously delays things a bit, I was happy to know this so that when the time comes, we can prepare to be pushed back a few days. So, please keep praying for Hayden in hopes that our next appointment on February 14th (ironic??) his heart shows some positive changes!! THANK YOU!!"

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