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23 January 2014

Blog entry from February 26, 2012-


Yesterday afternoon Jackson, Rob and I made our way to Collingswood NJ (just outside of Philadelphia) to await Hayden's arrival! On our drive I did a lot of reflecting and was reminded of how blessed, loved and lucky we really are. Since learning about Hayden's condition, I have found several families who have gone through, or currently are going through the same things we are. I'm following more blogs than I can keep track of and learning something different from each one. An important lesson for me has been how different everyone's journey is. There are families who have to travel by plane for hours to get the care we are able to receive in just a two-hour drive. On our drive I became saddened at the thought of not being with Rob through the week, only on weekends, and then reminded myself that I am lucky to have that- some mothers travel extreme miles from their home and will be alone until their baby comes. I am fortunate to not only have Rob come back to us on weekends so we can be together, but also have the privilege of 'living' with a friend. I mentioned to Rob how much easier this transition is than being moved into the Ronald McDonald House where I would feel so alone. 

I am so relieved and feel a weight has been lifted off of me now that we are here. My biggest fear was that I would go into labor and not be able to get to CHOP in time for Hayden's arrival. Now I have many more fears to focus on, but as each fear is conquered, it brings us closer to our goal of being home as a family of four. As far as Jackson knows, we are on vacation! We are again very lucky to have such incredible friends who are willing to travel to spend their days with us- keeping us busy and sharing more of our journey. This week, we have several adventures planned and are looking forward to spending a lot of quality time together with some dear friends! 

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